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Whatís Happening in Frankfort 

I just returned from the commission meeting in Frankfort. UBK was also represented by Don Bailey. Several things were discussed and passed. I will list some of the highlights.

  Hoarse Brown from Quail Forever gave a very interest presentation to the commission on Quail habitat.

  New requirements for a commercial guide license include, having a hunter or boater ed class and to be certified in first aid and CPR.

  Ten commission tags each for Elk, Deer and Turkey were awarded to different conservation groups to raise money to improve wildlife in KY.

  There will soon be a ban on the harvesting of Lake Sturgeon. The possession limit for all fish will be standardized at twice the daily creel limit.

  Due to damage by Elk (mainly in Knot Co.) the KDFWR is planning a late January, early February cow only hunt. Hunters will come from those that didnít get drawn for the regular season.

  There is going to be a Bear season in KY.!! Planned for Dec. 19&20th of 2009, the 2 day season will have a quota of 10 Bear in three eastern counties (Harlan, Letcher and Pike). This first season will be spot and stalk only. There is talk for a dog running season later, so houndsmen need to let your commissioner know what you think.

  Dove season will open Sept. 1 as it has in the past and there will be a season around Thanksgiving and Christmas for you late season hunters.

  The next Committee meeting is on July 11th and the full commission meets on August 15th. You can count on being represented by your officers and I invite you to join us and see first hand the workings of the KDFWR. Commissioner Gassett and his staff are working hard to preserve the resource and provide sportsmen better opportunity afield.


United Bowhunters of Kentucky, President

Gary R. Williams




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