United Bowhunters of Kentucky Membership Application
(please print clearly)

Name _________________________________________ Number in Family _______
Street/Route ____________________________________ County _______________
City _____________________ St _______ Zip ________ Phone ________________
E-mail ________________

Please list Kentucky and national bowhunting
organizations and/or other sportmen's/conservation
groups of which you are a member:

Bow Weight ___________________

Type of Bow: compound traditional both

Number of years bowhunted? ___________
Do you hunt big game with a gun?
Yes No

Do you bowhunt small game?
Yes No

Do you bowfish?
Yes No

I attest the above information is true and that I subscribe to the Rules of Fair Chase and that I
adhere to the highest standard of attitude and performance afield. I understand any violation of
the aforementioned terms can terminate my membership.

Signature ___________________________________

Send check or money order ($20 annual or $200 Life) to:

UBK Secretary - Alan Morris
114 Pelican Way
Midway, KY 40347
(502) 570-8828